PHPNUke 8.3.2 - Update 2014

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  1. admin

    admin Administrator Membro dello Staff

    Ho fixato molti bug presente in quella originale.
    Potete installarla tranquillamente dall'installer, ricordandovi poi di eseguire dal phpmyadmin il file presente in:

    Sono ben accette le donazioni con paypal al seguente indirizzo:

    Se riscontrate BUG postate nella sezione apposita.

    Se utilizzate windows, per scompattare scaricate 7zip

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  2. rdelp68

    rdelp68 New Member

    Looking for a way to upgrade a site already installed. Is there a way to do this?
    I made a lot of changes to files to get site to look the way I want it to. Upgrading from previous version was simple to just a file to update.
    This looks like I have to re-do the upload. And I need to this work with php 5.5 as the host is upgrading to that.
    I do not know much about SQL database.

    Any help would be GREAT>

  3. admin

    admin Administrator Membro dello Staff

    It depends on the version you are using. You should post on the forum with a zip file your version of PHP-Nuke. Send at least your mainfile.php and while we see how we can help.

    You should create you a new working environment and to experiment.
  4. rdelp68

    rdelp68 New Member

    I am not at home at the moment. This is the page using 8.1 phpnuke
    I can get the mainfile.php later today.

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  5. rdelp68

    rdelp68 New Member

    The mainfile.php. had to change to .txt.

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  6. admin

    admin Administrator Membro dello Staff

    I saw your file and there are so many errors.
    You can create a package with your nuke and send it here in the forum to be able to inspect and correct all the bugs.

    Please open a topic in the session.

    You must use as the title of the topic from the version you used. Example: phpnuke 7.6 upgrade to php 5.5

    The process to overcome the bug will be gradual.

    Remember to include files and database (only the base).

    If you can do it now, I can control it even in today.
  7. rdelp68

    rdelp68 New Member

    I am not sure how to create a package. A friend set up my site and I just ran the updates as phpnuke sent them out. I did trial and error to
    get make changes to get the site the way I wanted it to look.
  8. admin

    admin Administrator Membro dello Staff

    You can open the config.php file and change this command:
    $display_errors = true
    then you can see the errors and paste them on our forum. I beg you to open another trend for this. thanks

  9. chus

    chus New Member

    May we get a changelist? Just to know if it's worthy to upgrade my 8.1 to this new version or just fix the bugs by myself.

  10. admin

    admin Administrator Membro dello Staff

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